Tombco Tombstones Lichtenburg, was established in 2007, a dynamic tombstone manufacturing company.

Through 14 years of experience and walking different paths with several clients, we believe in relationship building as a success component,
hard work as a skill asset and delivering quality products with a ‘community over competition’-mindset:

– people are our business,
– we share knowledge and create local jobs,
– we empower the next generation,
– we provide learn-on-the-job-skills and experience,
– we provide quality service,
– we love our community,
– we love what we do.

The Tombco-team are highly skilled and experienced with people that forms part of the team since the business was established.

When you purchase a tombstone from us,
you are purchasing directly from the tombstone manufacturer, where each step of the
manufacturing process is a shared responsibility with a hands-on approach to craft your personalised tombstone.