We offer great services

Our business consists of handy, knowledgeable, and innovative management and workers.
We pride by delivering in the personalised needs of our clients through the following services that we offer:

Manufacture, delivery and installation of tombstones.

Design and manufacture of a customer’s specific ideas and preferences.

Restoration of tombstones, even if not originally manufactured by us.

Manufacture and installation of granite counter-tops.

We are aware of the challenges many people face as they attempt to fulfill their cultural obligations, that is why we offer a wide range of products and services to best meet your needs.

Our philosophy prioritizes our commitment to assisting families in honoring their deceased in a dignified, culturally appropriate manner.

We enact this philosophy by providing a wide variety of custom-designed tombstones, monuments and plaques at prices that accommodate virtually all income groups:

TRE Range

TRS Range

TRB Range

TRC Range

TRD Range


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